Chris, like most people, first started writing in elementary school… and hated it.

Somewhere around his high school years, he discovered he could have fun writing stories. Later he started getting story ideas and sketching them out. At Moorpark and Ventura Colleges, in Ventura County California Chris took his first film, theater, speech, debate, and creative writing classes. And that started this thing.

The evening writing classes, after work each day, were a place to stretch his synapses. The exercises grew his first story muscles. Sitting in classes, reading each other’s work expanded those muscles and challenged Chris to push himself, and seriously work at story creation and development.

Fast forward to 2000 and Chris was compelled to write his first screenplay–you know, to get that seven-figure spec sale. He’ll write an article about writing and marketing that screenplay, and actually getting seven agencies to request a read, with four of them asking him to come in for a meeting with notes.

Fast forward to modern-day Chris, and while he enjoys writing screenplays he also loves working in other formats. His first book, StoryGene I, is a collection from the tip of the iceberg (just the tip), of the absurd volumes of stories he gets from these damn muses who think it’s amusing to bombard him with story ideas while sleeping, driving or during other activities where they giggle knowing he can’t jot the stories down.

The stories he’s worked on, remembered and sketched out are in the first StoryGene book, and coming in future volumes. If you enjoy diverse genre fiction, stick around, Chris has much more coming.

Let Chris know which stories you liked the most. Sometimes he listens to others.


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It may not be interesting to you, but it’s taken me a lifetime to do this thing…

And while I’m only beginning, I’ve gotr a real for real Author’s page ona real for real big website :^)