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John Fancher’s Rules to Free Your Writing

Rules like haiku structure and iambic pentameter at first feel like they stifle creativity. But creativity begins where limitation tries to stop it. John Fancher's excellent 30 Days of 99 (#24) is LOADED with mind opening, writing inducing "rules." In his own words:...

How cool is my mom? Cherrlyn Eller is five books cool!

How cool is my mom? My mom, Cherrlyn Eller has written five books and journals. Check out her books: Political Junkie's Journal: Capture thoughts, ideas, and conversations in one place Renewed: A Daybook for Finding You Again 101 Affirmations for Being Renewed The...

Have Fun, Be Safe – A short story by Chris Sharp

Have Fun, Be Safe By Chris Sharp When I left with my friends for the evening my wife kissed me and then looked at me with that 1% off Secret Garden look in her eyes, and she said “Have fun. Be safe,” which is what I always had said to the kids years ago when they went...

Obersturmführer, Meier

Obersturmführer, Meier A Chapter by Christopher Eller of J. C. Ellerman [Christopher Eller/Jeremy Gendelman] Einsatzgruppe B, Gomel Oblast, Western Belarus, June 1941 The Wehrmacht sweeps across Western Belarus sometimes facing stiff resistance and battles alternating...

The Estate

The Estate by Chris Green [Eller] Winter 1911   Pyotr sensed the warmth of the sun on his young nose and cheeks as the winter winds of 1911 blew across his estate. A new January and a clear bright day glistened off the snow. The privileged boy surveyed the...

How I solved Amazon KDP Paperback book template page numbering with Microsoft Word

Hello, my friends, I solved Amazon Paperback page numbering with Microsoft Word by using custom field codes in the footer. All of these steps are useful for anyone publishing an Amazon KDP paperback, and I recommend reading each step in order to save you time and...

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